Beat the unexpected rainshowers

The best features of a raincoat, an outdoor jacket and a design coat merged into 1 coat! 

A multi-functional solution that always keeps you protected against unexpected rain showers. So you can look at your absolute best, no matter the weather.

Our all-weather concept was born on the bike, while the owner of the brand, Daphne Gerritse, was hunting the rainstorms on her every day journey to work. She decided to develop an ultra stylish wardrobe essential, which always protects you against unexpected rain showers, wherever you go.

The Traditional Raincoat Reïnvented!


The 2-in-1 Raincoat That Has No Competition

Rain Couture not only looks better, but works better too!

Waterproof but Breathable

Premium innovative materials, that are waterproof, windproof & breathable. We use a special membrane with a watercolumn of 10k and a breathability of 5,000 gr/m2.

Wearable in all 4 seasons

With the button-in bodywarmer your coat keeps you company during the colder winter seasons as well! With 1 coat and the additional bodywarmer you are covered for 4 seasons!

Smart hood with integrated cap

What's a great coat without a good hood? Our hoods are adjustable at 3 points making it the perfect company for rainy & stormy weather. We’ve tested our hoods during many bike rides across Amsterdam. It passed the test!

Made with fair labour

To make each style a master piece within the latest collection, we support Fair Labour. We do not apply child labour, and the place of production takes care of maintaining an organized, clean and hygienic working environment at all time.


Besides being ultra functional, its fashionable and contemporary look offers you daily wearability at the same time! Wear it to work, on the bike or over an evening outfit, the choice is yours!

Many Innovative Smart Features

Equipped with a (detachable) hood with cap, a key cord, 2 deep front pockets, an inner pocket with headphone eyelet, a 2-way zipper, air ventilation eyelets and fabric stretchability.

Taped Seams, No Leaking

Our detailed fashion designs have many cutlines and seams. But we wouldn't call it a raincoat if we didn't make sure that every single line and seam was taped. This is done with utmost care with specialized machines.

Timeless & Durable Design

We provide timeless & unique designs and use long lasting materials so you'll enjoy your coat for years! All produced in small quantities, and we only re-produce when an item is sold out. So therefore we make sure that every single coat gets a happy owner

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