How it all started...

Founder Daphne



The concept of Rain Couture was born en route...

Daphne Gerritse, working mother of two, often commutes by bicycle, and found it impossible to find a coat that wasn’t too hot, too cold, too wet or too ugly when confronted with the unexpected elements of nature. Her idea: an all-in-one fashion solution that could work for all occasions, all weather types, all seasons, all styles for all time. It was an ambitious challenge, but one that Daphne took on with full energy and spirit.

The journey started at Première Vision in Paris, where Daphne looked for innovative and fashionable waterproof fabrics (beyond the rubberized ones she’d been faced with all her life). She then hunted down the best pattern and fit design -- an enormous learning curve which ended with a master tailor optimizing her collection. Lastly, it was a search for the most reliable production partner, which sent her from Romania to India, and from Belgium to China. Eventually she ended up with a fair labour and trustworthy partner who shared her high-quality standards.

It took five years to get the product right. Throughout multiple trials and errors, Daphne held steadfast to her vision. After all, she wanted women to feel confident, sophisticated and protected while they rushed around living their busy lives. Her determination paid off in a wardrobe essential that no woman should go without. She has meanwhile expanded her brand range to men, kids and accessories.

Rain Couture is set to grow.