wasinstructie rain couture amsterdam

When you are in a need to clean your favourite fashion raincoat, please keep the followings in mind:

 If you accidentally just ‘run in to a cup of coffee’ - you can quickly clean the stain on the spot with a kitchen towel with hot water and a little soap within a couple of minutes.

 Otherwise, you can hand-wash the coat in luke-warm water (or put you washing machine on a cool wool programme). Yet, do NOT tumble dry and do NOT iron it afterwards! Only, drip dry it on a hanger on a room temperature.

 The preferred way of cleaning your coat is to send it to a speciality dry cleaner, who knows how to treat coats with a lamination and taping and can GENTLE dry-clean your coat.  Do not forget to mention to the dry cleaner that the coat has a lamination and taping on the inside, so it needs a special (gentle) treatment. The coats cannot handle aggressive dry cleaning methods, because it will ruin the taping on the inside. Therefore, only GENTLE dry cleaning is possible (F sign with underscore. see below). If you don't trust your dry cleaner to be able to handle this, then don't handover your coat to him and give you coat to us. 

 We have a partnership with a trustworthy speciality dry cleaning service, so you can always bring your coat to the following address in Amsterdam:

Cleaning Shop Express

Huidenstraat 24/A
1016 ET Amsterdam
Tel: 020-6231219


If you want to iron your raincoat to take some wrinkles out: we recommend to steam your coat with a garment steamer. 

In case you have a question regarding the cleaning instructions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Love, The Rainmakers