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A misfitting coat can take your outfit from Instagram-worthy to looking like a square paper bag. When you visit any of the Rain Couture Stores in Amsterdam to check out the latest waterproof raincoat collections, you’ll see that we only let our customers walk out of the door with the best fitting rainproof coat, not less than that! If you are an online-shopper – no worries our customer service is happy to help you when in doubt or double-checking sizes etc. We always get back to you within 24 hours. But to start with, here comes our helpful guide to find inspiration to find the best windproof raincoat to feel best in meanwhile highlighting your flattering curves. Scroll down to check out our selected wind- & waterproof styles that make your characteristics at its absolute best!

Body shapes

If you are a Pear …


A tailored A-line waterproof coat can be a perfect choice to squeeze that hip in while accenting your narrow waist. Our wrap coat available in black and grey waterproof wool is the best for the end Fall/Winter days besides the double-breasted coat available in grey check, pinstriped navy wool and vintage green. Our rainproof trench coat can also be a beautiful silhouette for you body type. This raingear is available in red, beige and navy. These perfect raincoats for your pear shape are our top favorites, because these styles that button down or tie at the waist can give you the most flattering silhouette for the day and night. The blazer collar on the wrap coats and the asymmetrical opening on the rain trench does optically transform your pear into the most wanted hourglass look. And since, all of our fashionable raincoats are 100% wind- & waterproof and have a breathable lamination with taped seams, your beautiful figure will never get caught in the rain.  Find yourself a timeless raincoat or a trendier waterproof coat to implement you wardrobe with and you are set for all-seasons no matter what weather it will be.

Body shapes

If you are an Apple …


If you are an apple, the best fitting raincoat is where your narrower waist, shoulders and tender legs are highlighted the best way possible. When, the goal is to minimize your midsection, which might be sometimes difficult, because sometimes it happens, that something fits you perfect in the shoulder and the waist but not the chest – than the best would be is to check out rather a medium-tailored coats, which have got a slight ease  but fitted in the shoulders and are with waistcords or belts and not the fully tailored raincoat from our latest collection. Therefore, our multifunctional and fashionable rain parka available in blue, green and pink (limited sizes only) and the waterproof foldable parka in pink leopard and blue camouflage print are the perfect. These slightly straight-line raincoats are the most suitable of the Apples. These 4-season raincoats are perfect for the early spring days but also during the rainy summers, since they are made of a textured & breathable fabric perfect for the warm, but windy days as well! And on top – you can also wear it as a fashion statement, due to their trendy color combinations. When it comes to the printed versions: these bold  colors and prints on the upper half of the raincoat could really help minimizing your Apple shape and to draw the attention to your narrow waist and beautiful shoulders.

Body shapes

If you have a Rectangular shape …


If you have a rectangular shape, then the best style advice we have for you is to experiment with volumes, colors and textures that create the illusion of more like an hourglass body. Therefore, feel free to browse around the entire collection since most of our coats are tailored and have got a slight A-line to, which will give you the perfect silhouette during the rainy days. Our top favorites for you are: The 4 pocket raincoat. It is available in green, 2-tone beige and denim, has a defined collar what looks extra- flattering. Our next favorite in line, which will focus on highlighting your waist is the waterfall raincoat available in silver grey, black and yellow. This beautiful asymmetrical style has a shorter front and a longer back. There is a waistcord from the inside, which you can tighten for a more fitted look. The hood is detachable, which makes it very handy when the sun is out. Our 3rd favorite is the waistbelt rain coat available in black and green (limited sizes) . This silhouette will draw attention to your waist and balance out any of your proportions. Go for one of our long coats with cool details or a color blocking color to add interest. Every Rain Couture raincoat is mostly made of refined polyester fabric blends for a more exclusive look and feel.

Body shapes

If you are an Hourglass …


If you are an Hourglass, than you have got it all: a well-proportioned upper and lower body with a narrow waist. While we tend to look for volume when it comes to coats, outerwear that's too big can easily overwhelm your defined silhouette. Look for a knee-length coat, which is at least slightly or fully tailored. Hourglass shapes are usually equally curvy on the bottom and top, making flexible and comfortable coats a must, which Rain Couture is all about. Go on and try one any of the multifunctional waterfall coats, available in yellow, black and silver. The tailored fit looks great on the hourglass since it accentuates this already proportionate figure. The lightweight and breathable construction of the fabric doesn’t add unnecessary bulk. The waterfall coat is a super choice for hourglass figures, as the clean and asymmetrical cut draws attention to your waist, shoulders and hips. This timeless piece will surely never go out of fashion.

Rain Couture offers a wide range of silhouettes from the slightly oversized, straight cut till the very classic & tailored raincoats. Check out our selection of trendy raincoats on the website to find the option that perfectly complements your figure.

In case you have any questions, feel welcome to reach out to us via email! We'll get back to you within 24 hours! Email to: [email protected]

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