Hello Berenstraat!


New kids in town! Well actually, not in town. But in the neighbourhood.

We are now the proud owners of our new flagshipstore in Berenstraat 17, Amsterdam. Back to the ‘Nine Streets’. This amazing space caught our attention, even though it was screaming for a big redo! We saw it’s potential and dived right into it.

Together with Hakim from @studionousnous we created this amazing new store. It is very important for us to maintain some of the characteristic elements of the space. First thing Hakim came up with, was to recycle the doors. There were these old doors with small windows. They looked worn-out, vintage, like they had a story to tell. Great potential to recreate something new for the store. So Hakim used his creative brainwaves and came up with this huge counter, which is now the central spot of the store. Drinking a good coffee, having nice conversations or just throw all the coats you’ve tried – the counter is the perfect spot for it. Another amazing element in the store was this copper cabin. Now you can find it as the countertop of our open kitchen. Another recycled eyecatcher in the store!

Besides of recycling the ‘old’, we also brought something new! With the usage of different materials that represent the weather circumstances that we cover, Hakim really designed a space that represents our brand at it’s best. You will find ‘rainy’ displays, LED as ‘sunrays’ and structured walls as snow. And ofcourse you will find botanical elements that represent our love for nature.

When you visit the Nine Streets, you should really drop by and check out our amazing new store. We would love to welcome you!

See you there!

Love, The Rainmakers





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