How to clean your all-weather designer raincoat?

When it comes to our multi-functional coats, all you need to do is give your pretty raincoat to the speciality dry-cleaner (icon for instructions is a F sign with an underscore, see below). This means, you shall not do machine wash neither tumble dry. The reason behind gentle dry-cleaning is that we use an ultra-breathable lamination on all our delicate fabrics and also all seams are taped. To avoid harming any of these two, these waterproof 4-season coats need to be cleaned accordingly - via speciality dry-cleaning (please do examine the dry cleaner before giving your coat to him, to be sure he is able to clean it in the right way, with the F sign see below).


Luckily, the coats are not attracting as much dirt from the beginning, because: every raincoat also has a additional water-resistant outer treatment, which keeps a little more the dirt away, besides not letting the water to soak into the fabric but let it roll down the coat.


When it comes to stains:

When on the spot it gets dirty – in the same moment only – use a piece of cloth, very hot water and sensitive dishwasher soap to clean it gently on that exact spot from the outside. Tips for the women: if you get make-up on the collar, use the same technique to clean it.


Rain Couture Store – Dry Cleaning Service:

In our store on Huidenstraat - Amsterdam , we do have our dry-cleaning service where you can come by to drop off your coat- in case you doubt where to go with your raincoat to have it cleaned accordingly! The cost is 25€ and it takes approximately 2 weeks. With our dry-cleaning service your gets the extra water-resistant treatment again as well, which can be handy if you own one of our waterproof woollen raincoat or any others which are made of a structured or little thicker materials.

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