How to style our fashionable waterproof scarf

The extremely stylish waterproof scarf is perfect to add some color to an outfit while protecting you against the cold and wet winter weather and also wearable for sunny weather. Wrap it around your neck or wear it as a cape around your shoulders. The scarf is completely water and windproof. The scarf is not only very trendy but also super functional! The shape of the scarf is a large uneven triangle of 140 x 98 cm. The perfect shape to wear the scarf as easily and comfortably as possible. Due to the soft material, the scarf is very warm and not only ideal for cold / sunny and rainy days, but the scarf is the perfect accessory for your overall look! The extremely stylish scarf is available in 3 unique prints and color combinations: the Waterproof Scarf in a checkered pattern, in Navy Blue with Stripe and in Camouflage print. The stylish scarf is 100% wind and waterproof and is therefore very comfortable and cozy.

Not sure how to wear your waterproof scarf in the best way? No problem! That is what we are for! The extremely fashionable scarf can be worn in various ways. Below are a few tips on how to style these trendy scarves.


Drape loosely

With this variant you will be ready in a few seconds. First lay the center of the scarf loosely around your neck. Now throw both ends around your neck and let them hang forward. This provides an effortless casual look.


This styling does not only keeps your neck warm, but also looks stylish and elegant. It s also suitable for the somewhat thicker scarf.

Put the scarf around your neck. Make sure the scarf on the right is about twice as long as on the left. Then wrap the right side of the scarf twice around your neck. Now pass the right end through the lower loop. The left end will stop you folded in half between the loops.

The Wild West

Wear your scarf like the cowboys in the Wild West. This way you protect the sensitive skin around your neckline against the sun, while at the same time creating a sporty and casual look. Fold a square scarf diagonally to create a triangle. Now place it around your neck so that the point points forward. You can let the ends hang loose or tie them together.

Triangle with button on the side

Wrap the long end around your neck and finally tie it to the short end. This way the triangle will be laid casually on your neckline.

Loosely styled

Fold the scarf in a triangle and then roll it up. Drape the scarf around your neck and let the ends hang down completely. (You can also make a knot in it.)

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A lot of people do not know <a href="">HOW TO STYLE A SCARF</a>. Some do not even bother. Scarfs are great accessories and can pop your attire making a statement. Going through this article, I have seen some very good scarfs and inspired ways to style them. Thank you for this and keep doing what you do. I hope you read my comment. Kudos!
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