Let the Festival Season begin!

Even though, we have just begun to enjoy the first sun raises of spring it is certainly time to take a look at our agenda and start preparing for the joyful months ahead of us. As the social media adverts are continuously spreading the festival dates to book already to get the catch the best performers or advanced ticket with a touch of lux with “glamping”; it is still uncertain what weather it’ll actually be. When, thinking out loud regarding the unexpected Dutch weather scheme it is always better to prepare for the worst and expect the best, than to be surprised in the moment without a backup plan. Rain Couture Amsterdam latest Spring/Summer collection took this Dutch festival tradition seriously and came up with functional yet fashionable 100% water- & windproof style that fits well for the funky festival outfits besides the backpacking active summer holidays, adventurous city trips and on a daily basis as well.

Printed Waterproof parka in camouflage

The Foldable Rain Parka is a straight-cut lightweight waterproof raincoat with a soft lining inside and additional branded buttons to be able to attach any of the color-blocking tailored body-warmers inside to wear this 4-season style during the colder months as well. The front opening is a functional double-sided zipper and additional magnetic closures for maximum comfort. There has also been some extra smart features added to this fashionable raincoat, such as: the keychain-holder to not loose any important keys, the headphone connection eyelet at the inside pocket with a flap-button closure to keep all bankcards and ID’s safe and its attached hood with cap, which is adjustable at 3 points to make it fit for a bun, ponytail or a bit more natural air-dried festival hair-do too. Its ¾ length gives an effortless approach on a day-to-day basis for the warmer months ahead of us. On the other hand, this breathable raincoat can be also styled with any feminine wardrobe pieces as well because there is elastic waist-tunnel from the inside, which is adjustable to create a more fitted and flattering look for the day or night.

Printed Waterproof parka in leopard

When comes to its utilitarian factors, this foldable rain parka comes with its own pouch to fold & store it the most convenient way no matter where we are heading to. Also, this high-breathable and 100% waterproof shell fabric dries quickly thanks to its additional water-resistant outer treatment, which prevents the water get soaked into the these soft and delicate materials and to not make them feel heavier, when wearing them in the rain. When sliding over the fashionable characteristics: this multi-functional and fashionable Rain Couture style is available in two unique prints, that are inspired by the snowy mountains in the Alps and in contrary by the blooming spring fields next to the Dutch Coast line. Therefore: the Ice Camouflage printed style includes colder blueish & greenish tones and the Millennial Pink Panther version is more about the warmer colours, like the Pantone color of the year Living Coral and its pink overtones on an emerald green base. The silhouette itself also has a unique way, of how to create a colour-blocking 4-season waterproof style. This breathable raincoat has got a lowered empire-cut at both front & back, which also continues to cut the sleeves in half too: partly printed & partly black combination.

That is how the Foldable Festival Parka blends in but also stands out of the crowd: with its trendy colours, multifunctional premium-quality features with an ultimate fashionable approach. It is available in 5 sizes on- & offline. Visit our newly opened inspiring flagship store in the heart of de Pijp to check it out besides the other newly introduced elegant 4-season rainproof styles. 

In case you have any questions, feel welcome to reach out to us via email! We'll get back to you within 24 hours! Email to: [email protected]


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