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Yes, finally spring has begun! We can finally enjoy a colorful and fun wardrobe again supplied by the latest seasonal collections! When thinking out loud regarding the unexpected weather scheme it is always better to prepare for the worst and expect the best. So you are ready for every rain shower, wherever you are the moment! Down below we’ve listed the fashionable and must-have rainproof accessories that you can pair with your raincoat

The waterproof fitted trousers
The waterproof fitted trousers are made of a 2,5 layer delicate fabric and is 100% waterproof ( with a water column of 10.000 ). The rain trousers have a comfortable fit and are made from a refined and lightweight fabric with stretch. You can enjoy golf, sailing, Nordic walking or even horse riding in this style. The rain trousers are even ideal for your skiing holiday in the winter. The ideal 4- season style to complete your outfit with! This extremely stylish fitted rain trousers are available in 3 unique color combinations: the Coral Red pants with a white stripe detail, the dark green pants with coral red stripe detail and the black rain pants with a navy blue stripe detail. The trousers have 2 waterproof zippers that are placed at the bottom of the pants. With the zippers you can create more space or, for example, wear the pants more easily over your sneakers. This style also has side pockets with a waterproof zipper to keep all important cards and keys safe.

This waterproof style can be easily combined with a pair of white sporty trainers and a white turtleneck or a cable-knitted sweater. Combine these extremely fashionable trousers with our waterproof laptop sleeve in leopard print. The laptop sleeve in combination with the striking color of the trousers provides a surprising and playful contrast and look. Not only are these functional trousers very fashion-forward, but also very comfortable and extremely suitable for active wear!

The waterproof Rain Trench
The highly developed 100% water and windproof Rain Trench is a raincoat that not only looks very fashionable but is combined with maximum functionality throughout 4 seasons. The red trench coat is a long tailored coat with elegant lines. The front has an asymmetrical design and is finished with luxury buttons. The back has a slit for easy movement. If we talk about the extremely functional features of this raincoat: This stylish 4-season raincoat has a highly breathable capacity and special ventilation openings that are placed under the armpits. The raincoat has a key holder in the right side pocket, so you don't lose your keys and an inside pocket with a flap closure to keep all your important belongings safe. This style also has a detachable hood with adjustable cap at 3 points and the ability to zip off the hood when the sun is out. The color palette for the upcoming spring/summer season consists of many bright and bold colors. Combine the stylish raincoat with our waterproof laptop sleeve in Navy for a classic look. And if you're into the color blocking trend, start this spring / summer 2019 season by combining the Rain Trench with the leopard print laptop sleeve as an eye-catching accessory. We are very happy with the animal print trend, there are so many ways to style this bold and funky trend!  The striking print of the laptop sleeve highlights the raincoat really well.


We can all find ourselves in this scenario: for example, if you are on vacation and only have a carry-on and your belongings get wet due to the unexpected rain. In this tote bag era, everyone goes for an open handbag or shopping bag that is not very useful, especially if it suddenly decides to start raining. Do you always want to be prepared? Then our waterproof laptop sleeve is something for you. The waterproof laptop sleeve is suitable for a 13.3 inch laptop. The Laptop sleeve is suitable for MacBook Pro 2015 and all versions and Macbook Air. The outside of the laptop sleeve is made of a refined and soft material and the inside is finished in a soft gray quilted lining. The laptop sleeve has a handy inner compartment under the flap where you can easily put your things in so that they remain safe and dry! The extremely stylish and minimalist laptop sleeve is available in Navy and in a leopard print version that perfectly matches the current spring/summer 2019 trend. Go for a funky and sporty look, combine the leopard print laptop sleeve with our Waistbelt coat in green and the rain pants in coral red. A real Living Coral match!


The lightweight and modern Waistbelt coat is definitely a must-have item that should be found in any wardrobe! The stylish jacket comes in 2 different color options: In black and olive green with Living Coral colored accents. This waterproof model has a functional hood with cap that is adjustable at 3 points and is therefore ideal for unexpected rain showers. This stylish 4-season raincoat has taped seams to ensure that water does not soak into the coat. The raincoat has a key holder in the right side pocket with a flap closure, so you don't lose your keys and all your important belongings on the way. The opening on the front is a functional double-sided zipper for maximum comfort. The ¾ length gives the coat a casual look and makes it ideal for the warmer sunny months. These functional functions provide the ultimate comfort to wear this jacket daily and during all seasons. The Stylish raincoat comes with two different belts: wear it tailored and feminine with the long belt to enhance a trendy and classic look or create a more casual look with the short belt on the backside. This stylish raincoat with breathability is easy to style with any feminine item from your wardrobe.

The waterprood 4-pocket raincoat

The Denim 4-POCKET raincoat is a somewhat shorter coat with a detachable hood and 4 deep functional pockets, made of a high-quality material with a very soft finish. The style is 100% waterproof and windproof, highly breathable and has a detachable hood that is adjustable at 3 points. The jacket has taped seams and also has special ventilation openings that are placed under the armpits for extra breathability. There are also some extra smart features added to this fashionable raincoat, such as: a key holder so you don't lose your keys on the road, the eye for connecting the earphone to the inner pocket, with a flap closure to keep all your important things safe. Add a touch of Living Coral to your wardrobe! The Coral colored lining and the Denim exterior of the raincoat provide a contrasting combination! If you would like a casual look, wear nice jeans with sneakers underneath. Thanks to the clean and refined look of the coat you can effortlessly combine it with different outfits. Wear this coat with our waterproof scarf in camouflage print and your outdoor look is complete!

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