The Versatile Waterproof Pants!

The highly functional waterproof rain pants are available in 3 unique color combinations, the Coral Red pants with a white stripe detail, dark green pants with coral red stripe detail and the black rain pants with a navy blue stripe detail. The rain pants are made of a refined 2.5-layer fine fabric. The extremely stylish and sporty rain pants offer protection against wind, water and cold, which is extremely important for sailing! And if you have forgotten what backboard and control board are and this caused splashes of water on you, don't worry because this style has an extremely high water resistance (a water column of 10,000). The rain pants have 2 waterproof zippers that are placed at the bottom of the pants. With the zippers you can create more space or, for example wear the pants more easily over your sneakers. The waterproof rain pants comes with it’s matching pouch that has a handy draw closure, so that you can easily pack & take the pants with you after your adventurous trip at sea. The rain pants are made of a refined and lightweight fabric with a subtle stretch, this makes it an ideal 4 season style.

The waterproof parka is available in two prints: the Ice Camouflage-printed style and the Millennial Pink Panther version. The women’s raincoat has a detachable hood with cap that is also adjustable on 3 points. So you can easily take the hood off again and let the wind fly through your hair! The foldable rain parka is made of a straight model and is a lightweight raincoat with a soft, refined lining on the inside. When it gets a little colder at sea, the waterproof rain parka has luxury with logo engraved buttons on the inside to button in one of the color-blocking fitted body warmers on the inside of the coat. Moreover, this highly breathable and 100% waterproof fabric dries quickly thanks to the extra water-repellent outer layer, so that the material does not become heavy when worn in the rain. The raincoat has a functional double-sided zipper on the front and an extra magnetic button closure, this ensures maximum wearing comfort and in this way you can enjoy your activity carefree. The women’s raincoat has a lowered Empire cut on both the front and back, which extends to the sleeves. The perfect wind and waterproof raincoats for an active day out sailing!

The Waistbelt coat is a raincoat that exudes fashion combined with maximum functionality throughout 4 seasons. The comfortable Waistbelt coat is made from a soft and lightweight fabric. The combination of the green color of the waterproof raincoat and the subtle coral colored piping provides a refined and modern look. The Waistbelt coat is also available in a chic and modern black style. What makes this stylish raincoat even more fun is that the style of the coat can be worn in 2 ways! If you wear the raincoat without a wrap belt, the fit of the coat is a slightly looser and straight. And if you wear the trendy raincoat with the wrap belt, you can wear it in a tailored fashion. The functional raincoat is a knee-length raincoat, the feminine silhouette of the coat fits perfectly with sporty sneakers or rain boots. The style has taped seams to ensure that water does not penetrate the coat, so you can enjoy your day at sea! This stylish 4-season raincoat has a breathability and special ventilation openings that are placed under the armpits. The raincoat also has a key holder in the right side pocket with a flap closure, so that you can safely store all your important things on the way. The functional functions provide the ultimate comfort to wear this fashionable and sporty raincoat daily and during all seasons.

If you choose to work by the sea for the day, the waterproof laptop sleeve in navy blue is for you! The laptop sleeve protects your electronics and your office items (thanks to the handy inside compartment under the cover) against water. This makes the waterproof laptop sleeve the perfect accessory for your total rain look!

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