Summer Raincoat Trends

Now that winter has finally come to an end and the sun is showing itself more often, it is time to buy a new coat. Do you already have your it- jacket ready or are you looking for a new one? And do you also enjoy following the latest trends in terms of coats, then it can be a bit harder to find the perfect one. If spring starts a little later - or the summer evenings are not as sultry and dry as we hoped - then a great raincoat is an essential. But which one do you need? Rain Couture has listed the hottest trends in summer raincoats from the women’s & kids collection for the changeable weather and the warm summer weather. Let’s go shopping!

The color palette for the upcoming spring / summer season consists of many bright colors that are now completely hot! The waterfall coat in yellow is the perfect item that suits the latest trend! The Waterfall coat is a true "wardrobe classics" chic and incredibly timeless in its optimized fit. The trendy raincoat is made from a refined, comfortable and breathable fabric. The raincoat has a hood with cap that is adjustable on 3 points, so that if it decides to rain, you are always protected. The women’s style also has special air ventilation openings that are placed under the armpits and a breathable coating that provide extra breathability. The opening on the front of the coat is a functional double-sided zipper and bottom of the fully waterproof and windproof coat is equipped with magnetic push buttons for maximum comfort. The waterfall coat has an elastic cord on the inside, so you can adjust the waist to your own taste.

Match your raincoat with your child's, with the recent newly introduced unisex Kids Parka in yellow from the Rain Couture kids collection THE YOUNGSTERS. The unisex Kids parka is made of a soft and structured material based off cotton. The hanging loops of the kids coat are positioned at the back of the coat and have a reflective capacity for good visibility when it starts to get dim. All Youngsters raincoats come with a removable belt, which gives the girls the option to wear it in a slightly tailored fit and the boys can of course wear the coat without a belt. The sleeves have an elastic in the cuffs so that sand and mud do not get into the sleeve while playing. The style also has 2 side pockets with a flap closure. This way you and your mini me are ready for the summer!

In the summer the sun shines high in the sky, and our lightweight and breathable raincoats are perfect for the sun-drenched weather. Do you like prints? Well we do too! The prints of the upcoming season range from very extravagant to very classic. Animal print such as Leopard and Zebra print are indispensable in the coming season. The foldable Rain Parka in Camouflage print and the waterfall coat in black with a camouflage printed lining are the perfect raincoats for the latest animal print trend. Both styles are 100% wind and waterproof raincoats that are wearable throughout 4 seasons. The coats have taped seams to ensure that water does not penetrate the coat. Due to the lightweight and breathable material and waterproof coating, the raincoats are easy and very comfortable to wear during the summer and extremely functional for the upcoming festival and holiday season. Moreover, this highly breathable and 100% waterproof fabric dries quickly thanks to the extra water-repellent outer layer. The foldable rain parka comes with its own handy pouch so when it gets a little warmer you can easily fold & store the coat and take it with you. Both styles have an headphone connection  eyelet opening and a handy inner pocket with flap closure to keep your belongings safe. The fashionable rain coats have a detachable hood with cap that is also adjustable at 3 points and additional magnetic buttons on the front for maximum comfort.

If you thought it couldn't get any better, you can now also match these women’s raincoats with your child! The mini Ice Camouflage Unisex Kid's Parka has the same silhouette and features as the women’s foldable Rain Parka and waterfall coat. The soft olive-green lining creates a playful color palette so that you can mix it a bit cooler and easily with girlish or boyish outfits. All Youngsteres raincoats come with a removable belt so that the coat is also suitable for a boy. The sleeves of the functional raincoat has an elastic in the cuffs and 2 side pockets with a flap closure. The unisex kid's coats have hanging loops that are positioned at the back of the coat and also have a reflective capacity.

Although the weather is still changeable and we cannot say with any certainty what kind of weather we can expect the upcoming season. Yet we can say with certainty that you are always prepared for the unexpected in our functional and stylish 4-pocket raincoat. The 4-pocket raincoat is available in olive green, Denim and 2-tone biege. The women’s style is a somewhat shorter raincoat with a detachable hood and 4 deep functional pockets, made of a high-quality material with a very soft finish. The coat has taped seams and also has special ventilation openings under the armpits and a breathable coating for extra breathability. The style is 100% waterproof and windproof and has a detachable hood that is adjustable at 3 points. There are also some extra smart features added to this fashionable raincoat, such as: a key holder so you don't lose your keys on the road, the eyelet for connecting the earphones to the inner pocket, with a flap closure to keep all your important belongings safe.

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