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The 80s is clearly present in this year's fashion scene, just think of all the bright neon tones that we have seen! From bright orange coats to pink - everything is possible in this season! Pantone announced the color of the year 2019 last December. It became the bright vibrant Living Coral color: 'A cheerful coral hue with a golden undertone, which brings energy and liveliness, yet with a soft edge. So, in the spirit of the vibrant color, from-the-sea Living Coral and a new fresh start of the year, we will show you a number of rainproof items that you can shop right away in the trendy color at Rain Couture Amsterdam!

rain bomber  rain bomber

Living Coral can be a very exciting and fun addition to your 2019 wardrobe. Perhaps our trendy waterproof bomber jacket is something for you! The unique print of this raincoat is a perfect choice to sneak some Living Coral tint into your daily outfit. This rainproof bomber jacket will ensure the fresh and stylish look for the season! Besides that, this rain jacket is very stylish, it also protects you from every rain shower! It has got special air ventilations as well for extra breathability next to the breathable lamination itself, that we apply on every raincoat. This way you can combine fashion with function in a second while getting ready for a moody day like today. And to finish up your look, why not matching this colorful bomber with a scarf, like our Ice Camouflage printed scarf?! This waterproof accessory is one of our latest rainproof products at Rain Couture.

waterproof parka in leopard  waterproof parka in leopard

Our next favorite mixed match is: combining the color of the year with a  trendy leopard print! Our waterproof parka in leopard print fits great with the current spring/summer trends. The combination of the emerald green and the living coral forms the ultimate stylish appearance! Due to its lightweight fabric and comfortable fit, you can wear this perfect pretty raincoat all year round, throughout 4-seasons!

The waterproof pants in coral red The waterproof pants in coral red

Do you want to go all in with the Living Coral trend? Then choose our multifunctional waterproof pants in coral red. This rain pants is not only very multifunctional but also very fashionable due to its tailored fit and delicate 2,5 layer fabric use! It has also slightly flared legs to be able to use it for outdoor hobbies, such as sailing, cycling, Nordic walking, winter holidays, horse riding and many more. This Rain Couture tailored rain paints is surely the IT waterproof item that keeps you warm and stylish at the same time! If you are fond of more darker colors, we have this style in dark green and black as well!

Waterproof waistbelt coat  Waterproof waistbelt coat

Do you prefer to check out the color of the year in a more sophisticated way? Then, our following favorite is may be something for you! Our straight-cut rainproof waistbelt coat a true classic with a trendy twist. It is made of a lightweight fabric, which enables you to wear it throughout the seasons as well as travel. The beautiful color combination of the forest green color with coral-colored piping ensures for a refined and modern look. This unique style can give you that extra touch for your daily wardrobe, like a real fashionista keeping up with the latest trends! What makes this stylish raincoat even more special is that the style of the coat can be worn in two ways: without the long belt to wear it as a straight fit – slightly oversized – raincoat; or with the belt to achieve a more tailored look.

The waterproof 4 -pocket raincoat The waterproof 4 -pocket raincoat

Or last but not least, start experimenting with injecting a little Living Coral Color to your wardrobe with our waterproof denim parka. This casual parka style has a soft pinkish lining that can be a good start of tasting the different tones of this year’s number one color. Other interesting fact of this style, that is made of a delicate waterproof denim fabric which gives you a day-to-day effortless chic look. It is easy to combine with any other casual and little sporty outfits, that you have in mind for a Friday look or a weekend getaway.  To spice up this look even more, match it with our waterproof check scarf to play along with exciting patterns and color contrasting outfits. This rainproof accessory has the same features, like any of our waterproof, windproof and breathable 4-season coats.

After checking out our favourites, there cannot really be a reason out there why not to get a piece to celebrate the color of the year! Shop our Living Coral picks online now!

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