The New Men's Waterproof Trenchcoat Collection

New Additions!

Last week our newest men’s coats arrived! And wow, they’re something. We decided to put out three different types of our men’s trenchcoat in navy. Review, revise and reproduce. Because why try something else if it’s already good? We did add a new feature, but will keep that as a surprise until the end of the blog. I promise, you’ll love it!

Fabric updates.

For coming winter we chose a chique wool material. To ensure you won’t get cold this winter. And if you get chilly real quick, you can still add an inner jacket if needed!

Ofcourse this wool trenchcoat is waterproof, but it’s also snow and windproof. An all-time classic to your winter wardrobe.

Besides this waterproof wool trench, we also added a bit more of a lightweight version of the navy men’s trenchcoat. This fabric has a slight sophisticated sheen and a more flexible feel, compared to our previous navy trench. Even though it’s lightweight, it’s still windproof. So the wind won’t rush through it. Amazing to wear on rainy fall days. And if you wear it with one of our inner jackets, it’s a winner to get through winter!
And last but not least…
We reproduced our men’s trenchcoat in navy herringbone. We’ve got so many demands for this style. And we get why! It’s amazing structured surface gives this tailored coat an even more sophisticated touch. Want to get all smart and stylish? This is the perfect match for you! Also not too heavy, for people who like to have a little less weight on their shoulders. Literally.

New Feature!

Ofcourse these new waterproof tenchcoats contain all of our special features. Adjustable and detachable hood, deep pockets and inner pocket, storm closure at the back of the collar and so on…But we’ve added a new feature: The Inner Earpods Pouch! It’s a small pocket on top of your inner pocket on the inside of the coat. Here you can keep you earpods case. A safe spot! So you know where to find it – if you put it there, at least.

So now you’re all up to date about our new multifunctional raingear. Now go and check it out real quick! -> New Men's Collection  

Love, The Rainmakers


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