What makes our raincoats different from other brands.

We’ve all experienced this in our lives; You have a fancy diner planned, a first date or you just want to arrive at work in style. But… it is heavy raining… Now what? At Rain Couture we’ve got you covered; we design the perfect coats for these kinds of occasions. Let me tell you more about our coats and what makes them so special….


You want to look good but you also want to protect yourself against the rain. One of the most important things is to stay dry. At Rain Couture we have done everything to be progressive on the element of waterproofness. The extend of waterproofness of our raincoats is measured through a water column (in a previous blog we explain this completely). 


Our jackets have a water column of 10,000 which stands for complete water resistance. This water-tightness also protects you when pressure is applied to a part of the jacket (For example, sitting or leaning). 

Many other raincoats have a water column of 4,000-8,000 and are more likely to leak. With a water column of 10,000, the risk of leaking is reduced. All our seams are taped so leaking throught the edges or the cutlines. 

Now that you know everything about water-tightness, we will tell you more about our materials, features and designs.

Many people often think of a plastic material when thinking of a raincoat. That is something we stay away from. Our jackets are made of beautiful fashion fabrics, for example: Cotton, Wool and Polyester. This also ensures that the jacket can be worn every day, so no rain will stop you. 


What also comes with plastic raincoats is the unpleasant sweaty feeling you get after cycling to work, for example. This is because plastic is not breathable and the heat cannot go outside. The Rain Couture jackets have ventilation spots under the armpits and are therefore very breathable. You won’t get a sweaty feeling, when taking a walk or biking to work.

When it comes to the style of a jacket we have something for everyone. We have the classic trenchcoat model, a stylish wrap jacket and a sporty parka. We also have a lot of choices in colors. In our new Fall/Winter 18-19 collection we worked with different colorful prints based on the latest trends. 

We have a large variety of styles at Rain Couture. First of all, the woolen coats that are perfect for winter time. The trench coats are suitable for autumn, winter and the fresh spring. The thinner styles, like our light denim parka or lightweight waistbelt coat, are very suitable for the warmer periods, in spring and summer. Each coat has buttons on the inside, so you are able to transform your coat into a winter coat with our additional bodywarmers (the men’s 2-in1 jacket are even water repellent!). These bodywarmers are mainly intended to be able to wear in the thinner coats. But for the cold people among us they can also be used in the woollen coats. The ideal way to make your jacket winter proof without having to put on an extra thick sweater or cardigan over your outfit.


And let's not forget our men, also for them we’ve designed a smart line, stylish to combine with a suit or sporty to wear with jeans and sneakers. We’ve designed a matching inner jacket with it, so you can wear it in all 4 seasons, from Spring to Winter!

We also recently introduced a children's line, for the ages 2 till 11. We have designed a unisex model and offer it in three different colours. The children's jackets are also wind and waterproof. We also designed body warmers for the kids, in two different colours, these can also be worn separately because they are wind and wateresistant as well. The jackets are easy to clean with a wet cloth.

As you can read, we have a great variety of styles to offer, so pass by in one of our stores and one of the RainMakers will be happy to help you find your perfect match!

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