What materials are our all-weather raincoats made of?

Rain Couture stands for multi-functionality and aesthetics. A waterproof & stylish raincoat that you can match to your everyday wardrobe pieces meanwhile you are protected in all-weather conditions no matter wherever or wherever you go.


Each coat is 100% waterproof, 100% windproof, with a breathable lamination for ultimate comfort and additional air ventilations under the armpits for extra air-circulations. To make it even more a protective all-year around rainproof coat: they all a have detachable hood ( *except our trendy Rain Parka model) and an additional body-warmer that you can button inside every stylish all-weather raingear.


Every style is made carefully with Fair Labour and attention to high-quality finishing from the most delicate materials, such as: waterproof wool, blends with a satin touch or very light-weight fabrics that are perfect for travelling & the warmer in-between-seasons, but they are also suitable for winter when adding the reversible body-warmer..


Due to our advanced rainproof textiles, you do not need to dress in rubber anymore when it rains! Just feel comfortable, sheltered and stylish at the same time with our advanced rainproof collection made of delicate and ra-innovative materials!

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