Why do you need an all-weather raincoat?

Some of you may think of raincoats as not crucial wardrobe elements … till … it starts raining & you have to go outside. Luckily, our Rain Couture Collection is not about just simply functional raingears, but advanced-level all-weather waterproof coats that are stylish and multi-functional at the same time during 4-seasons.


These 100% waterproof and 100% windproof raincoats do not have the appearance of the usual raincoats, rather something trendy and easy to combine with any other stylish accessories and outfits to look always good for that occasion, girls-night-out or just for the day!


All of the high-tech functional features are beautifully applied inside the coats, so that is how fashion and function meet in one piece of a design.


More importantly, our all-weather raincoats stand for diversity and durability, which means that you can count on your favourite piece on the long term and never be bored of it, because there are so many ways to wear our fashionable raingears throughout the years.


When you get your hands on one of our designer piece, you won’t need to think about how to make it through the windy and rainy days anymore! You will feel always sheltered and protective no matter wherever and whenever your journey takes you to.


No more need of umbrellas and funny rain hats, because each coat comes with a detachable hood (except the Rain Parka Model ), which allows you to keep it nearby – fits fin in your bag - and not always attached.


Another crucial point of functional rainwear, that our coats have an ultimate breathable lamination and air ventilations in addition for extra air circulations – which leads you to high-comfort for daily wear-ability.; unlike other raingears where the important feature is less in focus.

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