DWR Treatment Spray

Besides the waterproof lamination on the inside of our coats, there is also a DWR (durable water resistant treatment) on the outer side of the fabric. This stays for 12 washings. However, if this has been worn off, it can be re-applied with this spray!
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Our jackets’ and accessories’ special waterproof, windproof and breathable coating, ensures we got you covered, no matter the weather forecast. Our premium innovative materials have a special membrane on the inside of the fabric with a watercolumn of 10k and a breathability of 5,000 gr/m2.

On the outside of the material, we apply a special DWR treatment, so the first rain will roll off the fabric.

This Durable Water Resistant Treatment stays on the material for 12 washings. However, if this layer has been worn off, you can re-apply it with this spray.



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