Waterproof Leather Gloves - Navy

The highly functional 100% windproof and waterproof leather gloves. With taped seams and a handy 3M Thinsulate insulating lining.

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The leather gloves are the ideal gloves that keep your hands dry and warm when it's freezing cold and wet. The gloves have taped seams and are made from a durable and strong waterproof textile.

  • The Inside: The gloves keep your hands warm with the 3M Thinsulate isolant lining.

  • The Outside: The 100% waterproof leather keep your hands dry at the same time.

  • Taped seams, so no leaking when finding yourself in heavy rainy weather.

  • The bottom of the glove is made of a durable & strong waterproof textile mostly used for outdoor purposes, for long lasting usage of the glove.



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